Yes, You Built That # 963 (Ep 963)


In this episode I address the real reasons behind the Trump revolution, and why media elites still can’t process what’s going on. I also address the troubling revelation this weekend by a prominent reporter about John Brennan’s role in the spying scandal. Finally, I address the failings of the Mueller Report. 

News Picks:
President Trump tweeted out my appearance on Watter’s World this weekend, here’s the clip.
Watch Jay Sekulow destroy Brian Williams in this video clip about the Mueller Report. 
Joe DiGenova absolutely shreds liberal Krystal Ball over her offensive comments about the Attorney General. 
Adam Schiff humiliated himself again on the Sunday talk shows. 
Here’s another meeting with a Russian connected to the Hillary team that’s being ignored.
John Brennan’s role in the spying scandal is surfacing, and it’s not pretty.
Did the Russians use the Obama administration as a tool in a “discoverable influence operation”?
The Dallas District Attorney takes a major step backwards in law enforcement
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