What’s Bill Barr Really Doing? (Ep 1182)


In this episode, I address the real story behind the decision by the DOJ to drop the case against this key Spygate player. I also address liberal heads exploding over President Trump’s visit to Daytona. Finally, I address the media’s desperate efforts to cover up the Democrats’ Ukraine mess. 

News Picks:Another stunning nugget is buried in the IG report. 


Why wasn’t Andrew McCabe charged


Spygate prosecutor John Durham has taken an interest in Obama’s emails.


Joe Biden finally admits that the Obama administration put immigrant children in cages.


Andrew Weissmann continues to make a mockery of the legal profession every time he opens his mouth.


Career criminal thanks the Dems for bail reform after his 139th arrest. 


Even the Swedes don’t like Bernie Sanders.


My appearance this morning on Fox and Friends.


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