What Side are the Democrats on? (Ep 1151)


In this episode, I address the disgusting, shameful response by the Democrats to the termination of terrorist Soleimani. I also address a new angle on the brewing John Brennan – Jim Comey feud and the reasons behind it. Finally, I address the massive exodus from liberal states and the hilarious comedy monologue from Ricky Gervais addressed to Hollywood elites. 

News Picks:
These two Spygate conspirators have given conflicting testimony regarding their support of the hoax dossier. 


What team are the hypocritical Democrats on?


Comedian absolutely shreds Hollywood elitists at the Golden Globe awards.


Even Obama’s former DHS Secretary backs up President Trump’s decision-making.


Cowardly Hollywood lunatic Michael Moore begs the Ayatollah for mercy. 


People can’t get out of California fast enough.


Lindsey Graham suggests the Senate should rapidly scrap this sham impeachment. 


Inside the plot by the Iranians to attack us. 


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