What Really Happened Yesterday (Ep 1104)


In this episode, I clear the media hysteria and I address the real takeaways from last night’s elections. I also address astonishing new information in the government’s witch hunt against Mike Flynn. Finally, I address the media spiking the Epstein story and the Democrats’ lies about the Gordon Sondland testimony. 

News Picks:Don’t believe the hype about yesterday’s elections. It was, all things considered, a decent night for the GOP.


Election results were mixed last night.


The Democrats are lying about this Trump administration’s testimony in “whistleblower-gate.”


The media protected Epstein while trying to destroy Brett Kavanaugh. 


The numbers on how many Democrats are showing up at Trump rallies are stunning. 


John Solomon’s latest article is big trouble for Joe Biden.


A stinging indictment of the FBI’s handling of the Mike Flynn case.


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