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What Happens Now? (Ep 1153)


In this episode, I address the missile attacks on US bases in Iraq and the decision by President Trump that has boxed the Iranians into a corner. I also discuss the outrageous attack on Mike Flynn by government prosecutors hellbent on making an example of him. Finally, I address the bold move by Mitch McConnell to stomp on the Democrats’ impeachment dreams.

News Picks:
Lt. General Mike Flynn is getting shafted, again.


MSNBC chooses to air Iranian propaganda rather than facts. 


Iran is now naked, and it isn’t pretty.


Iran threatens to use its proxies to do what it can’t.  


Democrats get caught circulating an internet rumor as fact


Mitch McConnell stomps on the Democrats impeachment dreams. 


CNN settles a major lawsuit.


The 2010s were the decade of government debt.


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