This Isn’t Justice, It’s an Embarrassment # 937 (Ep 937)


In this episode I address the latest revelations that the FBI may be in possession of damaging information indicating that the Trump team was innocent and that it was being framed. I discuss the abomination of “justice” that’s slowly being revealed in the Clinton probe versus the Trump probe. Finally, I address how media bias works and how false stories are spread around. 
News Picks:
This is ridiculous, Nancy Pelosi supports lowering the voting age to 16.
Peter Strzok didn’t consider Hillary a target during the email investigation? 
Chuck Ross’s incredible new piece in the Daily Caller exposes the role of this McCain staffer in the promotion of the dossier.
The real scandal is the FBI and the DOJ misleading the FISA courts. Here’s John Solomon’s latest piece. 
Wait, what? The DOJ struck a deal blocking FBI access to Clinton Foundation emails.  
This hate group, that has ruthlessly targeted conservatives, has some big problems to deal with. 
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