This is the Real Scandal # 941 (Ep 941)


In this episode I address the real collusion scandal in the 2016 election. It involves political players from both parties and Ukraine. I also address the media’s efforts to silence criticism of McCain associate David Kramer’s role in the distribution of the dirty dossier. Finally, I address competing election models which predict a Trump landslide and a tough re-election. 

News Picks:
John Solomon drops a bombshell regarding foreign collusion between the Clinton team and the Ukrainians.
This McCain associate played a key role in advancing the dossier story.
Daniel Greenfield’s new piece perfectly describes the implosion on the Left.
Michael Barone’s piece lays out how the old political rules are new again
Rod Rosenstein is staying on at DOJ “a little longer than expected.” 
Pentagon identifies billions of funding for the new border wall.
Why did Beto literally eat dirt after his loss to Ted Cruz?
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