This Entire Impeachment Hoax is Based on Lies (Ep 1116)


In this episode, I address the Democrats’, and their media allies, hysterical response to yesterday morning’s impeachment farce, and how the story flipped on them in the afternoon. I also address some of the more ridiculous moments from yesterday’s Democrat debate.

News Picks:President Trump is right about Ukrainian election interference.


It’s game over for the hapless Democrats after Sondland’s testimony.


Key moments from yesterday’s shambolic impeachment fiasco. 


It’s a lie. The “whistleblower” does not have a legal right to anonymity.


The most important quote from yesterday’s shambolic impeachment hearing. 


The Ukraine timeline the Democrats, and their media allies, don’t want you to see. 


Ukraine is broadening it’s investigation into the company Hunter Biden worked for.


While the hapless Democrats focus their attention on the sham impeachment, Trump flipped the 11th Circuit Court.


Debunking the myth that Obama deported more illegal immigrants Trump. 


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