There Should Be No Mercy For The Bad Guys # 950 (Ep 950)


In this episode I address the grotesque hypocrisy of the liberals running for President in 2020. I also address troubling new revelations about George Soros money influencing the anti-Trump agenda. Finally, I address the real reason Obamacare will fail and the troubling allegations against Joe Biden. 
News Picks:
Preorder a copy of my new book about the dark secrets of the Mueller witch-hunt here.
Victor Davis Hanson’s tremendous piece about turning the tables on the anti-Trump conspirators.
Another great piece by Chuck Ross pointing out the involvement of George Soros in the scheme to attack Trump.
Here’s the list of the limousine liberals running for president in 2020.
Unbelievable video of a CNN “journalist” calling for speech suppression.
Jim Comey is terrified of an investigation into his behavior during the Trump probe.
Big government Democrats are folding again on government spending. 
Weak Republicans continue to fold on Obamacare.
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