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The Whole Case was a Sham # 938 (Ep 938)


In this episode I address the stunning admissions by a former UK spy, now made public, that throw water on the entire scheme to take down Trump. I also address the desperate media attempts to salvage what’s left of the Mueller probe. I address the Beto fundraising phenomenon. Finally, I discuss a new immigration smuggling scheme which will destroy our borders. 

News Picks:
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez screws it up again
Christopher Steele used unverified Internet rumors to support the dossier
This ESPN story covers the back story of the relationship between the FBI and Christopher Steele.
Clueless liberals are still clinging to the myth that the Papadopoulos / Downer meeting initiated the FBI investigation. It’s not true.
In one of the worst incidents of media bias I’ve seen in a while, Reuters held a negative story about Beto O’Rourke until after his Senate race.
The new immigration smuggling scheme that should concern everyone.
The Remington lawsuit is another step in the wrong direction
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