The Washington Post is Hiding Something (Ep 1125)


In this episode, I address the explosive new Washington Post article addressing a troubling conflict brewing regarding the investigation into the Spygate scandal. They’re hiding something, which I expose in this show. 

News Picks:
Get ready to be disappointed by parts of the IG Report. The IG and the Attorney General may have disagreements.


Here’s the questionable Washington Post article


This 2018 article lays out the extent of John Brennan’s lying and scheming.


After the “60 Minutes” speech suppression show, will YouTube still allow free speech


The radical left is descending into aggression, madness and chaos. 


This 2017 Lee Smith article addresses the role of John Brennan and Barack Obama in Spygate.


The Trump campaign fights back against media bias and won’t credential Bloomberg reporters. 


Clueless millionaire actor calls for an end to capitalism.


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