The Real Truth Behind The NY Times’ Nonsense (Ep 1119)


In this episode, I address The NY Times‘ ridiculous story about the investigation into the Spygate scandal and what they get entirely backwards. I also address the lasting damage being done to the Democrats by their impeachment hoax.

News Picks:Donald Trump Jr. unleashes on the Left in our wide-ranging interview. 


Are the Democrats’ leaking about the IG report because they’re nervous about its conclusions? 


John Durham is investigating suspicious activity in the Pentagon’s Office of Net Assessments.


Remember this article about suspicious activity in the Pentagon’s Office of Net Assessments?


Remember when George Papadopoulos said he was asked to wear a wire for a Joseph Mifsud meeting.


A strong article on the issues surrounding Mifsud.


John Solomon’s article covers the FBI vetting of informants.


Vulnerable Democrats are taking heavy heat over impeachment.


Elizabeth Warren was confronted by black voters upset with her anti-school choice platform.


Elizabeth Warren got caught lying, again!


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