The Official Story Cannot Be True # 940 (Ep 940)


In this episode I address the explosive new revelations in the Peter Strzok testimony that indicate that the FBI’s official story cannot be true. I also address a significant problem with the Green New Deal that will impact your home value. Finally, I address the growing influence of Chinese-Americans in GOP politics and the controversy surround a new pro-life movie. 

News Picks:
Records show that Michael Cohen was under investigation long before we believed.
The Mueller probe is obviously a witch-hunt. And the public is catching on.
Devin Nunes files a massive lawsuit against this social media company.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s public approval is taking a big hit.
Chinese-Americans could be a solid pocket of support in the fight against socialism. 
How would you feel about a electric transmission line on your backyard? The Green New Deal advocates have no answer for this
Margot Cleveland’s new piece is explosive
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