The New Rules Are in Effect (Ep 1178)


In this episode, I address the bold move by the Trump administration to disinfect the fetid DC Swamp, and the hysterical media reaction to it. I also address stunning new findings in the IG report showing that the FBI management is still covering up their Spygate activities. Finally, I address the hysterical mistake by the hapless “Never-Trump Republicans” in New Hampshire. 

News Picks:President Trump steals the spotlight from the hapless Democrats in New Hampshire.


President Trump scrubs 70 Obama holdovers from the leaky NSC. 


Troubling new revelations about the IG Report emerge. 


They’re not Never-Trump “Republicans,” they’re hard-core Democrats. This article exposes their depravity.


Despite apocalyptic liberal claims, climate-related deaths are down 99.9%.


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