The Most Disturbing Video I’ve Seen in Awhile # 942 (Ep 942)


In this episode I address one of the most troubling videos I’ve seen in a long time regarding out-of-touch government bureaucracy. I also discuss the Democrats’ new strategy of attack now that the Mueller report appears ready to drop. Finally I discuss the New Zealand gun confiscation and the dossier’s absurd claims. 
News Picks:
The media loves to lie to you about Trump but they’re extreme lying about his Charlottesville comments are a new low.
This video of government bureaucrats entirely ignoring a citizen at a public meeting is deeply troubling.
Does President Trump deserve credit for defeating ISIS? Yes.
There’s more evidence for Sasquatch than for some of the stuff CNN puts on the air.
41% of New Yorkers says they’ll be forced to leave the city because it’s too expensive.
New Zealand takes a misguided, and dramatic step and bans some firearms.
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