The Deep State Strikes Again! (Ep 1157)


In this episode, I address the disgraceful actions on behalf of the deep state to protect their own. Their latest appointment to “investigate” Spygate will shock you. I also address another shameful appearance by Nancy Pelosi where she trots out debunked conspiracy theories in an effort to change the narrative. Finally, I discuss some persistent myths about income inequality and some classic Reagan jokes. 

News Picks:Don’t miss my explosive weekend interview with Mark Levin.


This may be the worst personnel decision in modern US history. Look who they picked to investigate FISA abuse.


California wants to spend $30,000 per homeless person


CNN gives a platform to another questionable figure to discuss Iran


If a Supreme Court vacancy were to open up this year then the Senate should act immediately.


Ronald Reagan has the best jokes about Socialism


This December article is additional evidence of the ties between deep-state players looking to take down the President.


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