Take the Gloves Off! (Ep 1139)


In this episode, I address the disgraceful impeachment farce last night and what must be done going forward. It’s time to take the gloves off. I also address the stunning comments by both Attorney General Bill Barr and Inspector General Michael Horowitz that got lost in yesterday’s drama.

News Picks:
The police-state Democrats impeached the President last night.


If President Trump is handily re-elected this impeachment fiasco is going to be a historical embarrassment for the hapless Democrats.


The IG did find evidence of rampant political bias at the FBI, contrary to the liberal narrative. 


There’s an uprising in Virginia as the battle back against the Democrats’ war on the Second Amendment. 


Virginia Democrats are losing their fight against the Second Amendment. 


President Trump’s approval rating is up 6 points since the impeachment hoax began.


Federal court rules Obamacare unconstitutional


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