Striking Video of the Owning of the Libs (Ep 1069)


In this episode, I address the real reasons behind the impeachment theater led by the hapless Jerry Nadler and the outstanding appearance by Cory Lewandowski on the Hill. I also address the latest liberal gun grab efforts and the continued use of the faulty Australian model for “gun control.” Finally, I address the growing Ilhan Omar scandal and the vaping controversy.  

News Picks:Liberals cannot handle the hard truth about Australian “gun control.” Here it is


There are more guns in Australia after the gun confiscation than there were before.


What? Merriam Webster adds a “non-binary” definition of “they” to Dictionary


This is the best explanation I’ve seen of the impeachment theater nonsense we saw on Capitol Hill yesterday. 


Why is Ilhan Omar hiding the identity of her father?


The media is ignoring this horrific story about abortion.


Exposing the myth of widespread medical bankruptcies.


Eleven things you need to know about vaping.


The US Navy says the troubling UFO videos are authentic


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