Outed! Here’s the Real Russia Scandal. # 982 (Ep 982)


In this episode I expose the Spygate scandal as you’ve never heard before. I discuss never-heard-before information that will blow the case wide open, and will shock even the most hardened viewers. 

News Picks:Our latest piece blows the doors off of the real collusion scandal.

This 2018 piece from Sara Carter has some fascinating information in it regarding a key Russian player

This 2018 piece by Byron York is telling, in light of the new information we have. 

Chuck Ross outed Richard Dearlove in this 2018 piece.

More suspicious connections in this 2018 “American Thinker” piece.

This troubling piece by Surkov shows the depravity of the Russians who colluded with the anti-Trump conspirators

President Trump slams the Spygate conspirators and threatens jail time

Mueller releases new information about Mike Flynn.

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