Of Course It Was a Setup # 933 (Ep 933)


In this episode I address the deeply troubling connections between the Democrats’ latest Russiagate target, the Clintons, and Barack Obama. I also discuss the inevitable Democrat implosion as they rush to the far left. 

News Picks:
Voting for illegal immigrants is the next step for the radical Democrats.
CNN gets served with a massive lawsuit.
Dark money is funding the anti-Trump conspiracy theory network.
Trump reveals his proposed 2020 federal budget.
Erik Prince acknowledges that he attended the Trump Tower meeting. So what!
Paul Manafort has connections to Ukraine, but he was not a Russian agent.
Joe Biden’s shady family connections are coming back to haunt him.
Security expert is concerned about flying on April 6th because of GPS issues
The University of Wisconsin sticks it to the social justice warriors.
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