It’s Bigger Than We Thought # 1000 (Ep 1000)


In this episode I address the exploding immigration crisis and an immigration statistic that should concern everyone. I also address the other scandal that the Left is desperate to hide. Finally I address the latest liberal myth about tax cuts. 

News Picks:This older piece makes the conclusive case that the Bush tax cuts did not “cost” the government money.

Victor Davis Hanson’s latest piece is a stinging indictment of the FBI’s management culture.

A stunning 90% of asylum-seekers are not showing up for their court appearances

Is Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez going to challenge Chuck Schumer for his Senate seat?

What else did the Obama Administration  hide to advance the Iran deal?

Bernie Sanders to make the ridiculous case for “Democratic” Socialism in a new speech. 

More coverups

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