Ep. 920 Was There Another Dossier?


In this episode I address the bombshell revelation that there may have been a third dossier compiled on the Trump team. I also address the media’s latest lies designed to cover up the absurd claims of Andrew McCabe. Finally, I discuss a debate I had with a socialist last night on Fox, where he admits it doesn’t work. 

News Picks:
John Solomon’s bombshell piece about a third dossier is the most important thing you’ll read today.
Chuck Ross’s latest piece shows that Andrew McCabe has nothing on Trump.
What is Bob Mueller up to? Few people seem to know. 
The Trump team issues an epic response to Bernie Sanders’ presidential announcement
McCabe still cannot explain why the FBI was investigating the Trump team
Socialists are attempting to use teachers to turn purple states blue.
This May, 2017 NY Times piece addresses the congressional briefing which the media is portraying as breaking news.
Andrew McCabe’s lies about Jeff Sessions are another blow to his credibility.
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