Ep. 899 They Can’t Dig Their Way Out of This.


In this episode I address the real story behind the Democrat’s shutdown tactics. There’s more here than they’re letting on. I also discuss the explosive new claims made by Devin Nunes in his latest Fox News interview. Finally, I address the dangers presented by the rapid rise of China.

News Picks:
This top FBI lawyer believed Hillary Clinton should’ve been charged


Did the Russians really “hack” the DNC? Read this piece for troubling details.


Discredited, conspiracy-theory-promoting congressman Adam Schiff wants to investigate another media hoax


Trump is playing hardball, and the Democrats are hoping for a “read my lips” moment


Devin Nunes dismisses the Buzzfeed story and sets the record straight. 


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has a knack for saying outrageous, indefensible things.


The now infamous April, 2007 Wall Street Journal piece by Simpson.


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