Ep. 893 What are they Hiding?


In this episode I address the “bombshell” NY Times report on the FBI counter intelligence investigation into the Trump team and why this is real trouble for both the DOJ and FBI. I also discuss the border wall debate and where the Democrats are misleading you. 
News Picks:
These three simple charts show that walls work.
Did The NY Times blow up the FBI’s stated premise for investigating the Trump team?
This Chuck Ross piece from May, 2018 sheds some light on the disturbing efforts to use spies and the media to set up the Trump team
Jeff Carlson’s piece from May, 2018 describes the suspicious involvement of key UK intelligence figures in the spying scandal on the Trump team.
Triggered, snowflake students protested a photo of a heroic police officer killed in the line of duty.
Democrats on vacation as the government shutdown continues.
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