Ep. 861 Don’t Believe the Michael Cohen Media Hype


In this episode I address the Michael Cohen plea deal. The deal is clearly a desperation move by Bob Mueller’s political witch hunt team. I also discuss the interconnected web of players working to hide the scandal of the century. 

News Picks:
What is Donald Trump’s former lawyer up to with the Mueller team?
In this viral speech, I succinctly address the scheme to pull off the spying scandal of the century.  
Who is leaking this critical information from the special counsel probe?
This Lee Smith piece from March describes the Mueller witch hunt perfectly.
The Obama administration used pepper spray and tear gas liberally at the border. 
The Trump economy is performing significantly better than the Obama economy. These numbers don’t lie. 
Jeff Flake is a disgrace to the Republican Party
Florida Democrats are trying to change gun laws.
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