Ep. 853 I Warned You About This


In this episode I address the suspicious re-emergence of Barack Obama’s “fixer” in the scheme to take down Trump. I also address the election troubles in Broward County and how these troubles could impact conservatives in future elections. Finally, I debunk liberal economic myths being picked up by a new generation of liberals. 

News Picks:
Another batch of emails could shed light on the missing Spygate details. 
Liberals say they want Scandinavian “socialism.” Here are some eye-opening facts about how it works.
Another new caravan has formed. When will it stop?
Putin’s “niece” keeps mysteriously appearing in press articles on Spygate.
Obama’s “fixer” has a client who keeps showing up in the Mueller probe.
As we predicted, the real election scandal in Florida is down-ballot
Are Hill Democrats divorcing Facebook?
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