Ep. 824 Was There a Soft Coup Attempt?


In this episode I address the troubling new revelations by John Solomon about a soft coup effort by senior law enforcement officials to remove President Trump from office. I also address a suspicious redacted footnote in a House report that is getting renewed attention in the FISA abuse investigation. Finally, I address the new liberal narrative being used to attack our republic. 
News Picks:
My new book, which exposes the players in the Spygate scandal, is available today. Pick up your copy here.
John Solomon’s explosive new piece addresses an alleged soft coup attempt against President Trump.
This suspicious redaction in a footnote in a House report on FISA abuses is getting renewed attention.  
Mitch McConnell strikes again. Mitch is using the “new rules” to fight back
Why is the Left abandoning due process? This piece gives some examples. 
The Kavanaugh win is a big one for the GOP
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