Ep. 805 The Schemers Are Desperately Trying to Cover Their Tracks


In this episode I debunk the increasingly ridiculous liberal attacks on the Trump tax cuts. I also address the media’s desperate efforts to suppress their role in the plot to take down the Trump administration. Finally, I discuss liberal lies about President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee and Trump’s response to Hurricane Maria. 
News Picks:
This piece uses diagrams to show the connections between the major Spygate players
This Lee Smith piece is a devastating indictment of the media’s significant role in the plot to take down Donald Trump
Chuck Ross’s new piece addresses the question, “Is Joseph Mifsud still alive?” 
Sara Carter’s latest piece reveals new, troubling texts from Strzok and Page
The “Quit Rate” is up and this is a good sign for wage growth. 
Democrats screamed that the Trump tax cuts “weren’t permanent.” Here’s their chance to vote to make them permanent. 
Far-left violence directed at Republicans is out of control
This smear of Brett Kavanaugh is another example of the moral vacuum the far Left lives in. 
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