Ep. 794 “It Was All a Setup”


In this episode I address the stunning revelations in the new Sara Carter piece that shows disturbing details of the sophisticated effort to spy on, and take down, the Trump team. I also address the latest revelations about the hacking of the Clinton email server. 
News Picks:
Sara Carter’s latest piece is a stunning account of the details behind the spying operation on the Trump team
This Daily Caller piece addresses the troubling revelations about the FBI’s use of media stories.
Clinton-loving Lanny Davis has been discredited as a source
This Daily Caller piece covers new information about the hacking of the Clinton email server
Is Paul Manafort going to get a pardon? There appears to be disagreement in the White House. 
An interesting article on Federal Reserve policy and the economic boom
U.S. stocks jump after the announcement of a new NAFTA deal
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