Ep. 702 The Real Threat to the Swamp


In this episode I cover the disturbing details about how the Swamp really works. It’s a deeply corrupt enterprise. I also address a brewing controversy over the Trump tax cuts bill and a cryptic reference by a Jim Comey ally about Loretta Lynch. 
News Picks:
Today’s Edition of Liberal Myth-busting: “Do Red States Really Take More Welfare?”
Check out this cryptic reference by a known Jim Comey ally about Loretta Lynch.
The use of Sean Hannity’s name in a court preceding, to attack him and Trump, was a legal abomination.
There were more press at a Jim Comey book signing than people
When is CNN going to address this massive conflict of interest in the case against Trump’s lawyer? 
Why are swampy Republicans withholding their support on a potential Trump re-election effort?
Americans aren’t budging on their gun rights.
Democrats finally discover local rule
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