Ep. 698 The Case Against Mueller


In this episode I provide troubling evidence of Bob Mueller’s deep and profound conflicts in his investigation of the Trump operation. 
News Picks:
Is Loretta Lynch in serious legal trouble?
A disturbing account of Bob Mueller’s ties to Obama administration officials involved in the Obamagate scandal
Bob Mueller is scrutinizing this meeting in his Russia investigation. 
Read this piece and pay attention to the attorney representing a key figure in the Mueller probe.
This older piece describes Kathy Ruemmler’s involvement in the IRS scandal.
This BuzzFeed piece describes Kathy Ruemmler’s role in the Benghazi scandal.
Who is Susan Rice’s attorney? Oh, Kathy Ruemmler.
Kathy Ruemmler replaced Bob Bauer at the White House (who left for Perkins Coie, the law firm that paid Fusion GPS). Bauer replace Greg Craig, a Clinton impeachment attorney who left for Skadden (a law firm central to the Mueller probe).
Bob Mueller’s former colleague plays a central role in the Russian collusion narrative. 
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