Disgusting Attacks on President Trump After a Tragedy (Ep 1146)


In this episode, I address the disgusting attacks by radical leftists on President Trump, and the reasons behind them, after two tragedies this weekend. I also address another fake narrative being propagated by this media hack meant to promote another false Spygate narrative. Finally, I address the Second Amendment fight in Virginia, and what it means for the rest of the country. 

News Picks:
AOC humiliated herself, AGAIN.


Texas hero saves lives and stops attacker in a Church just seconds after the attack begins.


The FBI agent who interviewed Lt. General Mike Flynn was also a key player in the Spygate scandal.


The national debt continues to explode, and politicians from both parties are making it worse.


My appearance on Fox & Friends this morning where I call-out failed Mayor, Bill DeBlasio for using a tragedy to attack President Trump. 


Here’s the complete list of President Trump’s recommended books.


Income inequality is going down, thanks to free markets.


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