Are the Deep State Players Keeping a List? (Ep 1085)


In this episode, I address the troubling new allegations surfacing about government officials using government resources to “monitor” journalists covering the Ukraine scandal. I also address the imploding impeachment nonsense and the latest revelations about pay to play and Joe Biden. 

News Picks:The Ukrainian President confirms, again, that there was no blackmail


Whoa. Was this key player in the Ukraine scandal monitoring journalists?


Unbelievable. The Atlanta Braves remove the foam Tomahawk and cave to political correctness.


The CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods made one of the dumbest business decisions in modern American history


The Democrats are panicking over the DOJ investigation into Spygate.


Here’s the hard truth about who is going to get soaked by liberal tax plans.


Did the FBI find over 300k concerning emails on Anthony Weiner’s computer?


Conservatives are civil everyday, it’s liberals who can’t control themselves.


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