Another Media Hoax Drops (Ep 1167)


In this episode, I address the fake news NY Times “scoop” about John Bolton and the hoax Ukraine charges central to the impeachment. I also address the worst explanation of an “assault rifle” I’ve seen. Finally, I discuss the Democrats’ devastating plan for the economy should they win in 2020. 

News Picks:Video of my heated debate this morning on Fox and Friends.


Democrats are doubling down on their demands for testimony from John Bolton.


Nobody cares about this impeachment hoax. Look at the numbers.


Why is Adam Schiff hiding this critical testimony in the fake whistleblower case?


Democrats should be terrified. The economy is on fire and voters credit Trump.


NBA legend Kobe Bryant, and his 13 year-old daughter perished in a helicopter crash on Sunday


Even the Obama teams thinks Bernie Sanders is unfit for the presidency.


The big takeaways from President Trump’s defense against the impeachment hoax.


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