Another Disastrous Night for the Hapless Dems (Ep 1185)


In this episode, I address the disastrous Democrat debate last night where the candidates were exposed as the frauds they are. I also address the extremely shady connections this former DOJ attorney has to many of the players in multiple anti-Trump hoaxes. Finally, I debunk another media-driven myth about the Trump administration’s pardons. 

News Picks:This DOJ official’s name keeps appearing in many of the anti-Trump hoaxes. What is he hiding? 


David Laufman was the same DOJ official who interviewed Hillary and played a role in the Kavanaugh hoax.


Does this explain how Bernie Sanders got so wealthy off of a government salary?


Why was this Mueller lieutenant stalking this business rival of George Soros? 


How did Bernie Sanders make all that money? This article asks some key questions. 

Crazy Bernie keeps saying Denmark is a “socialist” country. Yet, as far back as 2015, the Danes objected to Bernie’s nonsense.


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