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Adam Schiff’s Lies Are Piling Up (Ep 1128)


In this episode, I address the disturbing new tactic being used by sleazy Adam Schiff to attack his political opponents. You may be next if Schiff’s tactics go unchallenged. I also address a list of lies being told by Schiff, Pelosi, and their media pals that I completely debunk. Finally, I address the incredible jobs numbers and a new RNC campaign ad. 

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The economy is on fire.


Why Devin Nunes’s phone records aren’t the smoking gun sleazy Adam Schiff thinks they are. 


Five dopey assumptions that lead to garbage conclusions in sleazy Schiff’s report. 


President Trump’s approval rating spikes upward, even after the hoax impeachment hearings.


The Democrats’ disastrous impeachment hearing is being described as a “flaming bag of dog s%^*.” 


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