Adam Schiff Gets Busted Again! (Ep 1164)


In this episode, I address the stunning new report showing that sleazy Adam Schiff lied, again, about the President. I also address the fiery exchange on the Senate floor by the President’s attorney. Finally, I address a ridiculous memo to the media by the Biden campaign which exposes their concerns about Hunter Biden. 

News Picks:Busted! The fake whistleblower was overheard in the White House plotting to have Trump removed from office.


Adam Schiff got caught lying, again.


Gun grabbing liberal legislators in Virginia ignored the tens of thousands who showed up to protest them


Joe Biden’s crazy media memo is an embarrassment. 


It’s extremely unlikely any GOP senator will vote against President Trump in the sham impeachment trial.


President Trump’s approval rating is currently the best of his presidency, despite impeachment!


The economic chart that every American should see.


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