A Huge Announcement (Ep 1159)


In this episode, I address the dramatic announcement by this victim of the Spygate plot that could be a game-changer. I also address the now-revealed-reason Nancy Pelosi delayed sending the impeachment article over to the Senate. 

News Picks:Wounded warrior congressman challenges weak-kneed Democrats on Soleimani.


Michael Avenatti was arrested, again.


Be very skeptical of the Burisma “hack” report.


New York’s insane new crime law is imploding.


Lt. General Flynn withdraws his guilt plea. 


This April, 2019 article tells the real story about the targeting of Lt. General Mike Flynn.


This August, 2019 article documents the payments made to a government spy involved in the Spygate scandal.


Mark Meadows speaks up about the appointment of a Spygate denier to oversee the FISA abuse investigation.


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